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Thermal Insulation

High quality insulation steel, stainless steel, aluminum, painted or galvanized cladding & jacketing. Extensive selection of insulation for thermal, acoustic and cryogenic refractory works in industrial boilers.


Solutions of all types of projects where steel is required to be protected by all kinds of fire proofing and fire stopping works for different fire rating and fire type commercial, Hydrocarbon and Jet fire using different material Intumescent & Cementitious.

Finishing and Waterproofing

ICS has the advantages to execute and supply the big painting projects in professional way with our staff who have experience in various projects.

Corrosion Protection

ICS offers our clients safety, quality and cost effective options to assist clients in achieving their objectives. ICS consistently servers the market in innovation methods, comprehensive service line, Technical knowledge and immediate response and field technical support.

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